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AIG Australia

Disruptions arising out of any volcanic activity in Mount Agung, including but not limited to the airspace closures in Bali, may not be covered unless the Policy was issued or travel insurance arrangements confirmed prior to 22 September 2017. Travellers who purchased or confirmed travel insurance cover on or after 22 September 2017 may not be covered as the event would not be considered ‘unforeseeable’, having been widely reported in the media including statements about the likelihood of future disruptions from this date.

Where policies have been issued or travel insurance arrangements confirmed before 22 September 2017, cover for trip cancellation and additional expenses incurred will be assessed against the wording of the policy. As always, each claim will be considered on its merits taking into account the individual circumstances of the claim and the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Policy holders are advised to check their particular policy wording for eligibility, cover entitlement and the type of expenses that can be claimed.