Our Property team underwrites a range of industries and clients. To help our brokers win and retain more business with AIG, here are some of our underwriting sweet spots and market differentiators along with our Property leaders contact details who are dedicated to help.

Property Differentiators

Global Risk Engineering

  1. Experienced Property Risk Engineers worldwide.
  2. Industry and sector specialists.
  3. Help clients avoid and minimise losses.
  4. Insights for clients about their potential vulnerabilities.

Multinational Excellence

  1. Significant investment in technology and processes to target global policy issuance before inception.
  2. Tools and technology to give Risk Managers insights across global portfolio.
  3. See

Claims Promise

  1. In the event of a claim, AIG will confirm coverage under the policy as quickly as reasonably possible. Once coverage is confirmed, we will advance the Policyholder with immediate working funds up to 50% of our share of the agreed loss estimate within 7 days for: property damage/repairs, clean-up costs and extra expense/increased cost of
    working. Please see our AIG Property Claims Promise brochure for more information


Michael Frith

Head of Commercial Property
+61 2 9240 1884

Paul Robb

Manager, Property QLD
+61 7 3224 9902

Daniel Vanderstoep

Manager, Property WA
+61 8 9421 3309

Chris Winterburn

Senior Underwriter, NSW
+61 2 9240 1713

Michael Hannigan

Senior Underwriter, VIC
+61 3 9522 4602


Property Risk Appetite Summary Sheet