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Manufacturing is one of the most diverse industries, in which different products require different production methods, are sold to different markets, and businesses face different opportunities and challenges for innovation and economic performance. From the production line to the export market, and the array of legislators and legislations in between, the risks manufacturers face are almost as diverse, forcing them to work harder and smarter to maintain competitiveness.

AIG offers one of the widest ranges of policies in the Australian market, backed by the knowledge and expertise of our experienced underwriters, loss prevention engineers and claims staff, giving Australian businesses the confidence to expand and grow both at home, and internationally.

Products and Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Contractors Operations and Professional Services (COPS)

Environmental cover for environmental professionals. Includes cover for errors & omissions in environmental technical reporting and Contractors Pollution Liability cover for activities carried out on third party sites.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance protects your company and its employees at home and abroad against financial disruption caused by serious accidents, illness and delays. It can also protect money, travel documents and personal belongings whilst travelling in a business capacity. AIG can also provide tailored solutions to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

Enviropro Australia

Broad operational coverage for business activities across Australia, designed for the Australian market. It features contracting operations, miscellaneous off-site activities and transportation as standard inclusions.

Group Injury & Sickness Insurance

Group Injury and Sickness Insurance provides accidental injury and sickness benefits. It is a versatile product which can be catered to cover employees 24 hours a day including journey cover to and from work and volunteer activities. Cover is also available for sporting groups, school students and universities.


General Liability Insurance from AIG covers legal and compensation costs that follow an accident or injury caused by your business’s activities. We work with you to ensure that the injured party receives fair compensation without putting your business at risk.

Multinational Insurance Solutions

Conduct business across borders with confidence with AIG’s unmatched flexibility to provide either local or global policies incorporating special provisions or unique terms and conditions across a breadth of products.

Pollution Legal Liability

A menu-driven policy designed to meet individual needs of complex customers across all industries. Coverage for pollution liability is available for site liability, miscellaneous contracting operations and transportation. Business interruption coverage may also be provided.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cover for businesses or individuals against alleged breaches of professional duties.

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

To cover environmental liabilities arising from a contractor's operations caused by the introduction of new pollution conditions or the exacerbation of existing pollution conditions. Policies can also be taken out by customers on behalf of contractors.

Cyber Insurance

CyberEdge is a specially designed solution which addresses the liability of companies arising from data protection laws, the management of personal data and the consequences of losing corporate information.

Expatriate Care Insurance

Expatriate Care Insurance protects employees and their families when they are seconded overseas. It offers extensive medical and dental care and 24-hour emergency assistance. Expatriate medical and evacuation insurance helps remove the costly burden of medical and dental costs incurred in foreign currencies by your employees.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Kidnap, extortion and detention are ever-increasing threats to organisations and individuals around the world. AIG offers customers tailor-made solutions to address these threats, which include risk prevention, incident response and financial cover.


A truly global industry needs a truly global insurer. Comprehensive, flexible marine insurance that combines local knowledge with the expertise of our global network to ensure protection for goods in transit, as well as for the industry’s vital support services.

Political Risk

Seize the opportunities presented by the global marketplace with tailored protection from the potential political, financial, and reputational risks of conducting business in overseas markets. AIG provides Political Risk Insurance to help financial institutions and corporate clients mitigate political risks worldwide.

Product Recall

Product Recall Insurance from AIG can help manage the effects of a recall, covering key expenses and providing the expertise of world renowned crisis management and public relations consultants to guide you throughout this critical time for your business.