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AIG Corporate Passport Travel Insurance now has an added benefit, with the introduction of the Travel Guard Mobile App. In conjunction with Travel Guard, AIG has developed Australia’s newest and most exciting emergency travel App. The App provides you with important travel information at your finger tips and even puts you in touch with our 24 hour Emergency Assistance Centre, at the touch of a button.

Using your phone’s GPS (no internet needed) the App will determine your location and provide you with all the contact information you need to get to a hospital, dentist, embassy etc. There’s no need for constant app updates either. Once you have downloaded the App, it will automatically update its data each time the device connects to the internet, ensuring you have access to the same up to date data as Travel Guard itself. This means you can avoid huge data usage while overseas. 


Access over 6,000 locations around the world through a directory with contact information, address and street directions (as well as compass bearings), hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists and embassies to help you find the information you need when you need it. 

Emergency Assistance at your finger tips. Get connected to one of Travel Guard’s highly trained consultants at their 24 hour Emergency Assistance Centre. No need to remember numbers or carry old fashioned cards! The App will even give you your current longitude and latitude coordinates so you can let the Assistance Centre know where you are. 

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View the latest news from Smart Traveller®, which provides official advice for Australian travellers covering all destinations, so you will be aware of any travel warnings and updates whilst overseas. Simply select a country to see destination-specific information and travel warnings. The app will update the Smart Traveller® information each time you connect to the internet.

Take a look at our Travel Guard Assistance website, which enables you get more information about the app and to sign up for latest news on your destination

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Northern Region Manager 
Accident & Health 
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Southern Region Manager 
Accident & Health 
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