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Trade Credit Insurance Solutions from AIG

For many years, we have helped companies increase their sales and manage their working capital by giving them the confidence and flexibility to pursue new opportunities while safeguarding against the impact of buyer default.

Product Highlights

"Non-Cancellable" Limits

Our credit limits are set under the policy and give our clients additional confidence to seek new sales opportunities. The limits provide our clients with the confidence to commit to extending trading terms with their buyers for the duration of their policy with AIG.

Flexibility and Support

Our experienced local team underwrite tailored programme structures crafted to the client's business requirements. Full product support is provided by dedicated underwriters who manage all aspects of the policy.

Discretionary Credit Limit Authority

Our partnership and commitment to understanding our client's business allows us to build in higher discretionary credit limits, within which our clients can decide their own limits for buyers in accordance with credit procedures.

When a company agrees to sell its goods or services on credit to a buyer, it places itself at risk on non-payment. If a buyer does not pay for the goods or services rendered, the effects can be detrimental to the client’s balance sheet, profitability and ultimately its cash flow.

Trade credit insurance provides clients with the accounts receivable protection needed to safeguard themselves against a buyer default due to financial or political events. Our solutions range from policies that insure all or part of a client’s account receivables, coupled the ability to manage and set buy credit limits using online systems.

With AIG as your partner, you can have the reassurance to offer more competitive terms of sale while protecting your credit exposure – allowing you to seek new sales opportunities with confidence.

  • Coverage for banks and financial institutions engaged in the recourse and non-recourse financing of domestic and/or foreign trade receivables.

  • Excess of Loss (XOL) Domestic and Export trade credit insurance coverage providing accounts receivable protection for covered losses.

Who’s it for:

- Businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $75 million

- Businesses with a professional approach to credit risk management with the ability to operate with a minimum discretionary limit of $500,000

- Minimum annual deductible of $500,000

- Maximum of 20 underwritten limits above the discretionary limit


  • Top Buyer coverage covering sales between 2 and 10 of a company's key buyers to assist in buyer concentration risk management.

Who’s it for:

- Businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $75 million

- Maximum of 10 underwritten limits


  • Single Buyer coverage, minimum limit size of $5 million, to assist in buyer concentration risk management. Minimum premium of $50,000 excluding charges 

  • Supply chain finance solutions covering trade receivables and payables.

  • Multinational programmes offering tailored coverage with a controlled master programme and locally issued policies.


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