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Private Client Group - Protection for your most valued personal assets.

Your home isn’t just any residence. It’s a special place that reflects your individuality, your lifestyle preferences and passion. At AIG, we understand that no two homes are alike and because of these fine distinctions we’ve built a home and contents programme that addresses the unique characteristics of high-value homes.

All risk coverage

We protect you against property damage and loss, so you can rely on
comprehensive insurance with few restrictions and have complete peace of mind.

Tailored risk management solution

In addition to comprehensive coverage, we provide a holistic approach to risk management, helping customers minimise risk while also assisting in the recovery from loss or damage to property.

Additional rebuilding costs

If the unexpected should happen and your home is damaged, AIG will pay to have your home rebuilt or repaired to its original state and grandeur – even if the costs exceed your policy limits as based on your home appraisal.

Outstanding claims expertise

Our claims specialists are committed to providing first-class support and service during a stressful period for our customers. Providing you with flexibility, choice and practical advice and assistance are fundamental to our claims service.

Private Client Group provides tailored and all-inclusive insurance coverage including:

  • Additional rebuilding cost – All costs to rebuild your home even if the costs are more than the sum insured as based on your home appraisal.
  • Home appraisal – A professional building and contents valuation for your home, free of charge.
  • Cash settlement option – The option to receive cash settlement in lieu of replacing your lost or damaged goods.
  • Flood coverage – Cover for your home and contents as a result of flood.
  • Worldwide contents coverage – Your contents are covered anywhere, so  you do not have to worry about any restrictions on losses away from your home.
  • Jewellery limit under contents – Worldwide cover up to $50,000 per loss with a limit of $25,000 per item.
  • Damage to goods caused by pets – Protection for your possessions against damage caused by pets, including your own.

Private Client Group is a unique offer designed specifically to meet the needs of high net worth individuals, providing asset protection services and products including:

  • Home Buildings and Contents
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Private Collections
  • Yacht Insurance