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Travel Guard Mobile App

AIG Leisure Travel Insurance has the added benefit  of the Travel Guard Mobile App.  The free Travel Guard Mobile App is the essential tool when travelling overseas, providing 24 hour Emergency Assistance when you need it, wherever you are.  With access to over 6,000 key locations around the world offline, you can search for hospitals, embassies, dentists, doctors and clinics without the worry of big data usage. Get ‘Smart Traveller’ warnings for the country you’re in, or the country you’re travelling to next.  You can download it free from the App Store and Google Play today.

Using your phone’s GPS (no internet needed) the App will determine your location and provide you with all the contact information you need to get to a hospital, dentist, embassy etc.

There’s no need for constant app updates either. Once you have downloaded the App, it will automatically update its data each time the device connects to the internet, ensuring you have access to the same up to date data as Travel Guard itself. This means you can avoid huge data usage while overseas.

To learn more about how the Travel Guard Mobile App works, click below to watch the video.

Access thousands of locations around the world through a directory with contact information, address and street directions (as well as compass bearings), hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists and embassies.

Providing you with the latest ‘SmartTraveller’ travel warnings for the country you are in or where you’re travelling to next.

*Please note the travel warnings do require internet access to be updated regularly


Get connected to one of Travel Guard’s highly trained consultants through the 24 hour Emergency Assistance Centre. No more need to remember numbers or carry old fashioned cards! The App will even give you your current longitude and latitude coordinates so you can let the Assistance Centre know where you are.

Services provided through the Travel Guard 24 hour Emergency Assistance Centre is only available to travellers who hold eligible Travel Insurance policy underwritten by AIG Australia Ltd (AFSL 381686). If you do not hold a policy and obtain services through Travel Guard, fees for service may apply. 


Download The Travel Guard Mobile App Here