Corporate Citizenship

The diversity of our people is one of  AIG's greatest assets and brings us great pride. Through our colleagues, we learn how to better understand our clients, increase innovation and reduce risk. That is why, as part of our journey to build the AIG of the future, we continue our focus on fostering a culture of inclusion that is designed to attract, develop and retain diverse talent.

We believe in the power of our differences


True diversity encompasses more than gender and race. It includes the whole human experience: culture, education, personality, skills, life experiences, and beyond. It’s everything in each person’s life experience that results in unique thinking styles and equips us to meet the challenges of our complex and competitive global marketplace.  Diversity = Talent.


Inclusion is the critical link that enables the benefits of a diverse workforce to come to life, helping us unleash the true power of our differences. Fostering a culture within AIG that actively seeks and encourages diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and thinking styles will help us to better understand, connect with, and serve our clients – fulfilling our mission of being the most valued insurance company in the world.


At AIG, we maintain a global and inclusive mindset to effectively identify, develop, and retain a diverse workforce and to optimise creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Our Talent Programs

- Women’s Executive Leadership Initiative – Global


At AIG, we work together to drive the development of an inclusive workplace. We also leverage education and cross-cultural experiences through Employee Resource Groups to build inclusive leaders and support employee engagement.

Our Employee Resource Group

- The Equality Network

Mission: To provide a network and resource group for all AIG Australia employees to unite with a common understanding of the importance of a gender equal and equal opportunity organisation; acknowledging the role we each play in enabling this.

Vision: To foster a market leading workplace culture of inclusion, collaboration and respect at AIG Australia. Our people focused culture enables all staff to contribute to their full potential. We leverage our diversity of thought and experience to deliver excellence in all that we do. 


The AIG brand is enhanced through our building of key diverse community and supplier relationships, and by tapping into diverse perspectives and ideas to enhance global business opportunities

Our External Partners

  • NICI
  • Clontarf Foundation


- Excellence Award for Best Community Engagement at the Insurance Business Awards 2020