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Fronting & Captive Services

We offer a comprehensive, flexible platform for organisations with unique exposures and an appetite to share risk.

Why Choose AIG for Fronting & Captive Insurance?

For over 50 years, AIG has provided a full range of market-leading fronting and captive services. We leverage a robust network of affiliate and partner operations to provide coverage in over 215 countries and jurisdictions. This means you get flexible, cost-efficient coverage that complies with the requirements of local regulators and other counterparties. With AIG, clients can predict, plan, and navigate a complex world, while working to achieve their risk, governance, contract certainty, and duty of care objectives.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Fronting & Captive Services Solutions

With an AIG-fronted program, you gain full access to the resources of our entire organisation. This includes multinational policy issuance capabilities, significant risk-bearing and risk-financing capacity, and significant experience controlling multi-currency cash flows.

An insurance or reinsurance company formed primarily to insure its owner(s) and affiliated companies.

  • Captive Management and Consulting Services
  • We provide a complete range of services regarding the feasibility, structuring, formation, and management of captives with an in-depth understanding of each domicile’s regulatory requirements and local business practices.  

Who is it for?
  • Large commercial organisations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Growing middle-market companies
  • Multinational corporations


Captives may provide a better solution for companies that are:

  • Evaluating the possibility of retaining risk in order to benefit from positive loss experience.
  • Requiring evidence of insurance for regulatory, disclosure, financing, marketing, trading, or counterparty needs.
  • Experiencing an above average risk profile that is not properly reflected in the market prices for traditional insurance.
  • Pursuing more efficient access to the reinsurance markets.
  • Seeking to expand the use of an existing captive to insure all or part of a risk.
  • Facing a specific problem for which there is no clear or viable risk transfer solution.
  • Seeking greater certainty and flexibility on coverage and premium through varying market cycles.

Meet your AIG team

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