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Why Choose AIG for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Insurance?

A comprehensive suite of bespoke products for buyers and sellers involved in mergers, acquisitions, and divestments. In this highly specialised area of insurance, our local experts are supported by an international team of skilled professionals, to work closely with all parties to create tailored solutions for our customers. Together, we can remove or reduce transaction risk, helping to make complex deals a reality.

The AIG Advantage

Mergers and Acquisitions Solutions

AIG’s highly specialised M&A insurance products are underwritten by an international and local team of skilled insurance and M&A professionals who integrate closely with negotiating parties and their advisers to create tailored solutions that can facilitate commercial objectives whilst minimising deal risk.

Comprehensive, flexible protection against financial loss following a wide range of events that prevent the successful completion of a Merger and Acquisition. 

Tax Liability Insurance protects companies from the financial impact of a challenge by tax authorities following an acquisition or divestment.

Comprehensive and tailored protection against financial loss resulting from inaccuracies in warranties and indemnities relating to an acquired company or business.

Meet your AIG team

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