Business Insurance Product List

We offer a broad range of products and services, including traditional insurance, highly specialised solutions, and excess and surplus lines insurance to help businesses reduce emerging risks. 

Commercial Property

We are specialised in providing solutions for medium to large trades and services companies, operating locally and internationally. AIG’s global presence means we can offer programs tailored to specific customer needs anywhere in the world, together with logistical support and local market knowledge.


Product recalls present real threats to retailers and manufacturers:  loss of sales, customer confidence, hard-won retail shelf space, and supply contracts. Skillful handling of a recall can minimise damage demonstrating reliability and professionalism to wholesale and retail connections. 

Environmental Liability

Environmental exposures have been amplified by a tougher social and legal environment in Australia. Although businesses may not have changed, their liabilities may have. Environmental insurance provides customers with the broad coverage they need to adequately protect their business from the continuously changing environmental landscape. 


Property and equipment breakdown insurance for energy and energy-related businesses, from oil and petrochemical to power generation, utilities and mining, with expert risk management support.

Financial Lines

AIG has developed a suite of dedicated products that reflect the evolving needs of the industry, offer broader covers and most importantly, are easily understood. As a result, our customers enjoy improved risk coverage and contract certainty from products that better respond to ever-changing market needs. 

Fronting and Captive Services

We develop innovative, customised solutions to unconventional or complex risks that are either not addressed or addressed inefficiently by traditional insurance or financial markets.  


Businesses have a duty of care to their customers, as well as to the general public. Legal defence and compensation costs that follow an accident or injury caused by your company’s activities can be crippling.  General Liability cover from AIG ensures that the injured party receives fair compensation without putting your business at risk.


Marine insurance encompasses the safe transport of material in all its forms, whether port to port, warehouse to warehouse or from raw material to delivered product, through to the programme management of massive infrastructure projects projected thousands of miles from home shores. Marine is inherently a global business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

 In this highly-specialised area of insurance, our local experts are supported by an international team of skilled professionals, to work closely with all parties to create tailored solutions for our customers. 


When you work with AIG, you’re not just building a multinational programme, you’re building a global partnership with shared knowledge, collaboration, and transparency.

SME Solutions

We provide comprehensive protection for Small and Medium sized (SME) businesses that helps our customers to reduce the chance of a loss, and recover faster should the unexpected occur.