Investment Managers

Lauded when performing well, but denounced when returns decline. There’s more than just your reputation at risk.

Investment Managers Insurance for REITs

Financial market volatility, declining returns, sales of unsuitable financial products and unreliable advice expose investment managers to frequent attacks in today’s litigious business environment. AIG’S Investment Management Insurance policy is tailored to respond to claims frequently encountered by investment managers, responsible entities, investment trusts or funds and their professionals, as well as directors and officers of these entities.

Product Highlights

Cover for entity

Professional liability insurance for investment advisors/managers and funds when providing investment advisory services. Crime cover provides protection to the investment manager and the funds for loss following theft by employees or any other person.

Cover for individuals

Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officer Liability/Company Reimbursement Insurance is included to protect both professional indemnity claims and management liability claims against investment advisors/managers and funds, including senior managers, directors and compliance committee members.

Key Features include:

  • Representation at investigations and examinations even in the absence of a specified Wrongful Act
  • Automatic cover for new funds and subsidiaries
  • Directors and officers who have board seats on outside entities can be covered
  • Insured persons and Company reimbursement cover for defence costs arising from OH&S and pollution claims
  • Excess limit available for certain directors for unrelated claims after exhaustian of original limit.
  • Court attendance costs when appearing as a witness to a claim
  • An 84-month discovery period for retired insured persons
  • Bail bond and civil bond expenses, prosecution costs
  • PR expenses for crisis containment
  • Loss includes pecuniary penalties, PR expenses in connection with extradition or mitigation of adverse effects on reputation following exoneration
  • Loss establishment costs to investigate, prove and report a direct financial loss under the policy.

  • Responsible entities
  • Investment managers
  • Investment advisors
  • Fund managers
  • Venture capitalists
  • Private equity firms