Fronting and Captive Services

Customised, innovative risk retention solutions worldwide.

Fronting & Captive Services

We develop innovative, customised solutions to unconventional or complex risks that are either not addressed or addressed inefficiently by traditional insurance or financial markets.

Product Highlights

A trusted partner

We partner with each client to understand its objectives,  identify and analyse its risks and custom-design a programme to support its business strategy. Clients can choose from a wide range of innovative programmes that offer varying levels of risk retention and/or risk financing. In addition, we provide captive management and advisory services regarding the feasibility, formation and management of captives, and offer cell captive facilities. Our programmes extend to all types of exposures and industries—providing solutions that deliver our expertise and global capabilities.

Efficient use of capital

Protecting earnings and assets from various exposures and utilising capital efficiently are critical to the strength and growth of a company. Traditional insurance programmes may not adequately address these exposures or be the most efficient use of capital. AIG fronting programmes may provide a better solution.

Programme Structures


An insurance or reinsurance company formed primarily to insure its owner(s) and affiliated companies.

Captive Management Services

  • Rent-A-Captive (RAC)
    A client "rents" a segregated cell within a sponsored captive facility. Clients without a captive can experience many of its benefits through participation in AIG’s own captive cell facilities in Vermont and Bermuda.

  • Captive Management and Consulting Services
    We provide a complete range of services regarding the feasibility, structuring, formation, and management of captives with an in-depth understanding of each domicile’s regulatory requirements and local business practices.  

For any enquiries about purchasing, renewing or making a claim on an AIG business policy, please contact your insurance broker or find a broker here.

  • Large commercial organisations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Growing middle market companies
  • Multinational corporations

Fronting may provide a better solution for companies that are:

  • Evaluating the possibility of retaining risk in order to benefit from positive loss experience
  • Requiring evidence of insurance for regulatory, disclosure, financing, marketing, trading, or counterparty needs
  • Experiencing an above average risk profile that is not properly reflected in the market prices for traditional insurance
  • Pursuing more efficient access to the reinsurance markets
  • Seeking to expand the use of an existing captive, rent-a-captive, or other protected cell structure to insure all or part of a risk
  • Facing a specific problem for which there is no clear or viable risk transfer solution
  • Seeking greater certainty and flexibility on coverage and premium through varying market cycles

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The AIG Advantage

  • Over 50 years of providing fronting solutions leveraging AIG’s network of owned operations in over 90 countries, supported wherever required by local insurance partners
  • Ability to analyse complex and unique risks
  • Superior servicing and claims handling, reporting, and management