Keeping our promise.


When you buy insurance from AIG, you can have confidence that we stand ready to help you recover quickly when the unexpected happens. The claims operation that underpins every AIG policy is one of our greatest strengths, with a strong local claims team backed by our global network of expertise to support you when you face a loss.

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Personal Accident & Health Insurance Claims

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Personal Travel Insurance Claims

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Steadfast Home, Landlord & Motor

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Business Insurance Claims

Contact the relevant claims team below:

Casualty Claims

Financial Lines Claims

Marine Claims

Property Claims 

For any business related claims please contact your insurance broker who will be able to assist you.

If you would prefer to speak to someone at AIG you can contact us directly or email the relevent claims team

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Business Travel

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Download a claim form

AIG Online Claims Lodgement facility is the quickest, most convenient method for you to lodge a claim.

You can lodge a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from overseas, within Australia or when you return home.

Committed to service excellence

We’re there when our customers need us, helping them recover and realise their idea of a better tomorrow.

Local knowledge

Our local claims team has first-hand knowledge of risks, business practices, legal and regulatory issues. Our claims teams ensure that you are satisfied with the progress of your claims, every step of the way.

Worldwide capability

For companies doing business overseas, our global network gives us the edge in resolving your claim, should a loss occur in a foreign market. We can work across borders with teams in multiple countries, working with local languages, laws and regulations alongside those back home in Australia.

Dedicated, focused claims handling

We get your claim to the right expert, fast. Each claim is handled by an examiner with the most appropriate type of expertise, based on the product line and complexity of the loss. 

Global expertise

Our global claims team comprises over 10,000 claims professionals. We handle millions of claims every year, each one adding to the wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us resolve your claim quickly and efficiently.

  • Our Australian and New Zealand claims teams work as one, aligned unit, with more people available to work on claims.
  • We've aligned the specialisation and technical expertise of our claims examiners to the line of business and complexity of loss of the claim, allowing each claim to be managed in a more efficient and proactive manner.
  • Specialist administration teams handle administration and support functions, so that our claims examiners can remain focused on the technical management of the claim.
  • Our team has access to increased capacity in the event of a catastrophe, and provides broking partners wih access to our most experienced claims experts for major losses.

We ensure that our enhanced claims handling processes and technology offer you peace of mind when you need it most. 

When you make a claim, it’s an opportunity to keep our promise to you. You can speak to your insurance broker, download a claim form below, or contact us directly regarding your claim.

Our expert team will handle your claim efficiently and professionally, helping you to recover from your loss as quickly as possible.

When settling a claim, speed and accuracy is important. We tailor our approach to each claim, looking for the best way to move it toward resolution, as efficiently as possible. 

For all losses, when you make a claim with AIG, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the decision-maker, and you can rely on our team having authorised, specific knowledge and experience of local legislation and practice.

We strive to provide a high standard of service at all times. If you have a concern or complaint, we want to hear from you so that we have the opportunity to make it right. Please read our complaints procedure for more information about the process we follow when an official complaint is made.


Claims FAQs

Before making a claim

You can contact us to find out if your insurance may cover a particular loss before you actually make a claim. If you then decide to formally lodge a claim, we will then fully assess and determine whether your loss is covered. 

We will tell you about our claim process and what is required to make such a claim. If we have accepted a claim under our insured’s motor vehicle policy, we will inform you the next steps in the claim process and who to contact to find out more details about any claim you may make. 

Making a Claim

We will acknowledge receipt of your claim and keep you informed of our claim process. Our claims examiner will review the information you have provided and determine if more information is required. If the claim is covered, we will also advise you about any excess amounts you have to cover or pay in relation to your claim or any waiting or no cover periods that need to finish before we start paying you under the policy.

To make an informed assessment of your claim and in order to support your claim, we might have additional questions or request for more information. In determining if your claim is covered under the terms of your policy, we will only consider relevant information and facts relating to the claim you have made. Therefore, the number of enquiries/requests made of you will be limited in nature and will only be for the purposes outlined above.

Assessing your Claim & Timeframes

You can expect our decision to be made within 10 business days of us receiving all the relevant information available. 

If a decision cannot be made within 10 business days, we will inform you why and agree with you to a reasonable, alternate timetable. You will appreciate that some claims are more complex and as best we can only provide you with an indication of how long it will take to reach a decision. However, we undertake to ensure that a claim decision will be made no later than  4 months of receiving your claim.  

Yes. If your claim is complex or is taking longer than expected, we will ensure a progress update is provided to you at least every 20 business days

The claims assessment process remains the same and the involvement of these parties will not impact any of our   claims investigation standards or any of the time limits and standards detailed in this FAQ. These external third parties will only be engaged when (i) they can assist us in assessing your claim: (ii) they have the appropriate expertise to provide the opinion we ask them for; and (iii) they can comply with the rules and regulations relevant to their area of expertise.

Use of Repairer

If we have selected and directly authorised a repairer to repair your damaged property, then we will accept responsibility for the quality of their work and the materials they use. Complaints about the repairer’s conduct, timeliness, quality of work or the materials they use will be handled under our Complaints process detailed in this FAQ below. 

If we have selected and directly authorized a repairer and we are satisfied that the repair is not up to standard and requires remediation and because of that your routine is disrupted, we will try and reasonably ensure that such disruption is kept to a minimum by, for example,  arranging for and covering the costs of a  hire car or alternative accommodation over and above what may be provided for  in your policy.

Claim Decision

We will write to you and explain our reasons for declining/ or even partially declining your claim. We will also request you to provide us more information if you think this is relevant to the claim you have made which Upon receipt of such information we will then consider  the impact of such additional information on our claims decision. In addition, when we reject a  claim, we will also notify you of our claim dispute  process and the right to take any  dispute to the Australian Financial Claims Authority. 

Claim Settlement

Our method of payment is via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The EFT direct credit system transfers payments electronically into your nominated bank account. If this is not possible, we will arrange, with you, an alternative payment method.

If we offer a cash settlement under a home building policy, we will provide you with information to help you understand how they work and how decisions are made on cash settlements.

Other Questions

We encourage feedback on the experience you have had with AIG, positive or negative.  Our complaints process is available to you should you be dissatisfied with our service, products or decisions. Your feedback helps us continuously improve. Complaints can be lodged at HERE or alternatively by contacting our Complaints Team at 1800 339 669

If you are in urgent financial need of the benefits you are entitled to under your policy, please let us know immediately. We will fast-track both our assessment of your claim and the process we follow to make a decision about your claim.

Our Customer Care team are here to provide additional support to our customers where it is needed, ensuring that we approach each enquiry with sensitivity and discretion. This may include supporting you in communicating with us, helping you apply for financial hardship assistance, or directing you to external support networks if appropriate. We encourage you contact our Customer Care team at or telephone us on 1300 295 016 to talk to us about your situation. More information can be found on our Customer Care page.