Corporate & Major Accounts General Liability

From policy coverage and risk analysis, to claims protocols and unmatched service, the Casualty team offers liability solutions to risk managed, global or corporate clients with turnover above $500 million.

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Why AIG for Casualty

Bespoke coverage with broad appetite

Our underwriters have the breadth of experience and authority to develop solutions that address complex risk exposures across a myriad of industries.

Leading multinational capabilities

We partner with you to navigate the complexities of global insurance, backed by the industry’s most connected global network of experts in over 215 territories.

Risk mitigation

Through partnership with leading risk engineering agencies, we help clients by tailoring risk mitigation solutions.

Our Claims Expertise

Technical claims management

From ground up to class action, our team holds the requisite knowledge and experience to manage claims across the full extent of liability exposures.

Strong industry network

We work in collaboration with law firms and other insurer markets for excess program claims, to help preserve business relationships for the client between claimants and cross-defendants.

Proven partner

We take a proactive and solution-based approach to Claims. Our commercial mindset with respect to a client’s business ensures we work strategically towards a resolution.

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